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First Flight Gun Dogs Training program

Our Spring Program generally fills rapidly. We schedule our young dog training well in advance throughout the year so if you have plans on using a pro trainer for your Gundogs foundation; Please contact us to discuss.

Contact us directly to secure a position for one of our training programs.

Would you like to be a better handler?                                                                                                                                                                       We offer one on one sessions to help you understand how to communicate better and get more from your retriever!

Steady your retriever this season with a pre season Tune up!                                                              We can usually bring them back from a long off season in as little as one month. its never to late to teach your partner to quarter better in the upland field, hold steady to wing and shot, honor other Dogs, just about what ever it is you feel your retriever is lacking we can work on making your relationship Better!.

  • Training Program

In our Training program we focus on each dog individually while staying on track with a program. We look to meet the owners needs and bring your retriever to the best of his/her abilities. To meet the needs of everyone ,we are not unwilling to adjust the program to facilitate success, keeping in mind that each retriever learns in a different way. We do not over pressure our Students, our prograssive aproach to training works well with dogs of all demeanor. Our goal in the end is to have a retiever that loves what they do. We will evaluate your retrievers abilities and set a scheduled program to create success and work to accomplish what you are looking for in a Retriever. We have four phases with our program. We approach these programs one at a time as the the Pup matures  and aquire experience and education, We also offer full ride training programs with substancial savings. We do offer to run your Dog in Hunt tests when requested, our fee's are very reasonable.

  • Puppy head Start program

We offer the opertunity for your pup to stay with us and get his/her paws wet learning the basics of life. if you would like to have a new Pup but do not have the time to manage the struggles of a youngster and the priorities that come with the develpoment of a young Pup, we can handle that for you. From socializing to potty training to head start in the obedience and retrieveing desire. Their is no better way to asure the success of your new hunting partner then a head start program. we offer a discount when our puppies are entered into this program.

  • Basic program

This is the foundation of where a retriever is built. most Pups enter this program between 4.and 6 months of age. All of the formal obedience begins here, your pup will go through 4 basic steps in this program, 

Obedience: Here your pup will learn Sit, Sit/Stay, Heel, Here, Kennel, Place and all of the things we require for an obedient retriever.

Collar Conditioning: Through all the misconceptions, every retiever should be educated on what the Ecollar means to them! It is a comunication device between them and the handler. when used correctly this is a revolution to dog training. Your pup will be educated on how to correctly respond to the ecollar in many ways. this will be used for the life of the retriever.

Conditioned Hold: In this phase we teach your retriever to hold an Object and carry it correctly. this is the beginning phase of Force fetch. 

Force Fetch: This is where we pull it all together. by this time your retriever will be retrieving well and will be shown how to make it a passion! FF phase is the filal 6 weeks or so of the Basic program. this will teach your pup to deliver to hand and become a relaible retriever. At this point we will move into ground drills and prep for the intermediate phases of training. 

After the basic program has been completed, your pup will have become a reliable retriever on land and water, from platforms and boats, will have learned to stay steady to the gun and many other accomplishements. during these lessons they will see many enviroments and other dogs as well as distractions. if you have any unique requests we have been known to include them as well. We do Encourage clients to come out and train with us if possible. We believe the the handler probably needs as much training as the Pup....

Intermediate Program.

This is a level of Training where the Handler wishes to handle the Dog by Whistle. Most hunters use this in extreme Waterfowl Hunting as well as Pheasant hunting to control your dogs direction in the field. It is the advanced level of Hunt test and AKC field trial Retrievers. To enter this Camp your dog must have completed the Basic Retriever camp! Your experienced Hunter will Take Retrieving to a whole new level with this Training. Here we work on direction and steady them to take commands from the handler. The owner will be brought into this mid stream to take part in the Training and observe and learn the commands. You will need to practice your work as well. We will use live birds at this point and shoot live birds over your dog. We will throw multiple marks and advance the marking abilities of your retriever. Blind retrieves will be introduced and retrieved over land and water, from boat, stand and blind. At the end of this Camp you will truly have a complete and obedient Hunter anyone would be proud to hunt over!

 Start your Pup with us and go through the Complete Camp and receive a discount on our

Complete Retriever Package!!

Advanced Training Camp.

This training will Take the Student to the Advanced Level of Handling and Obedience for Hunt Test Titles and take them to the Senior/Master level! and or be a top knotch Retriever in the field.

We offer to train your dog and Handle them at events to acquire Titles! This is perfect for the conformation owner that needs to add sport titles to the list but is not familiar with handling a retriever in the field.

The Cost and the Time Frame will be negotiated at the Start of this Program.

The student must perform at the Intermediate level to enter this camp.

Any unique requests will be discussed, We take on any challenge that we can stand behind.


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