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Writz Kennels is located on Beautiful Freedom Ranch

Where all wildlife roam free through proper management and God's grace!

 As a Trainer and a Breeder, We take pride in offering the best service possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Our personal and close attention to detail with obedience first is the key to our success.

Our Breeding Program is very selective. We usually have one maybe two litters a year. We Breed lines that we trust will produce the very best quality Pups possible. All of our Dog's are health tested for genetic deficiencies and come from Hunting/Hunt test or field trial Lines! We like to see Hunters that make great family members! Each puppy is started out playing with wings and retrieving for fun at a very young age. Our Passion for Hunting and the great outdoors are fueled by the efforts and team work of our 4 legged partners. The excitement and joy we get from watching a well trained Retriever is like a child's first home run. It is truly rewarding in every way.


The commitment to train a retriever to the finished level is a choice that is best made from the beginning. We do accept older students and have seen some of them reach outstanding levels! If you feel that all you need is a dog that will mind and retrieve and or point with conviction and reliability we understand that! We discuss each customers needs prior to training and we work for your goals. We build the bases for a long lasting relationship with you and your Hunting Partner. 

We believe that you will get out of a student what you put into it. We have a full service training facility and access to many acres of ground for training, all within walking distance. This helps in reaching our goals in a reasonable time frame and saving you cost and time.

Our Methods are proven and progressive! We use a positive method of training that will be carried over to the owner and understood by the Student.

You set the level of training and we will do all we can to reach that mark!

  • Do you want your Dog to handle?
  • Maybe just be a Duck Dog or Hunt Pheasant?
  • Work in the Field with game birds as well as Hunt the Water and field for Waterfowl?
  • We also teach standard obedience And Shed hunting!

We can meet your needs what ever the task!

We only take a maximum of 6 dogs to our Training Camp at one time, so feel free to contact us early with your intentions.

We like to work with our students to honor when in the field. this increases obedience and steadiness.

Labrador Retrievers are amazing companions what ever the purpose. They are a working Breed and are happiest when working for you!

I believe that focus and confident attention produces results! Our students will be socialized while on site, not just worked.

We have a flight pen on site and use live birds as training advances.

We really Love what we do and it shows in our results.

                                                                                                                                    Training Sponsor.             Nutrition for life!

  Trust / Teamwork