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Here is a brief description of our services when purchasing a Writz Kennels Pup!

We do not breed for Money! We breed for Success! Our Dogs are from the best health and hunting Bloodlines available. We are Looking to produce a mid sized well tempered animal that has all the makings of a quality Hunter and companion. If you like what we do, we would be honored to offer an opportunity for you to own one of our Pups. We also reserve the right to decide where our Pups go. Because of the limited availability of our Pups, we suggest getting on the list by deposit. That will reassure your Pick and the availability of your pup. We offer a 26 month Health guarantee against genetic deficiencies. hips, eyes, elbows. We provide all current vaccinations to the point of delivery as well as worming and dew claw removal. We Chip our Pups and that is included with your purchase. We also offer Training Programs for our puppies, started and finished dogs. All our Puppies are Born indoors and hand raised by Mom and Us, so they are used to people and change the day you pick them up. our pups are usually retrieving by then and have been introduced to more environments then most.

Each Pup will be Picked up by the 49th day! Each purchased Pup will be scheduled for pick up in advance. We will ship Puppies almost anywhere but this cost will be covered by the buyer. When you purchase a Pup, we provide a starter portion of the food to go home with. We feed only the very best foods and supliments and highly recommend you keep the pup on this food to a minimum of 16 to 20 weeks of age to keep them growing strong. This helps with the transitional part of the pups health and digestive stability!


Thank you for your Interest in A Writz Kennels Pup...