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HRCH Writz Black Koal Texas "T"

Koal Comes to us from a very Special breeding between NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubadour "Tubs" and "HRCH Bored out train wreck N RUBY" In his pedigree you will find 4NAFC,3NFC,19 FC AFC, in 3 Generations! Plus Numerous UKC and AKC Hunt test accomplishments.From day one we could see the promise in this little mans future. Koal is a tremendous marker, extremely talented, very biddable and his ability to absorb what we are trying to Convey is almost scary. Koals perseverance is endless and that is just who he is! Koal Not only carries himself well in the Hunt test environment, he has also hunted extensively from the early age of 6 months and also excels in the field. Koal completed his HRCH Title in the fall of 2019 with 4 straight passes. Koal has never dropped a hunt test going 8 straight passes from started to seasoned to finished in the UKC. He will be campaigning for his MH title starting spring of 2020.

DOB - 02/06/2016

AKC# SR91667901

UKC# R263-807

Ofa Hips - LR231824E24M-VPI (Excellent)

Ofa Elbows - LR-EL82364M24-VPI (Normal)

Ofa Eyes - LR-EYE-11623/12M-VPI

Chip# OAO2395877



Link to Pedigree - "Koal"

Writz Guns N Roses JH

Roses is out of our Loucy/Tiger lines and has all the drive and balance that we have seen from this line. She is a sleek, lean Girl with no limitations! Rosie takes the meaning of launch to a new level. She is steady in the blind and has a nose that could find a 4 day trail. Roses is a very good marker which is to be expected from this line. She is a darker shade of yellow and we can expect to throw all of this in her Pups. Roses has completed her JH title and has 2 passes towards her HR Title. Roses has not failed a single test!

DOB 05/25/2015

AKC# SR88144811

UKC# R262-718

Eye Cerf  LR-EYE8180/4F-VPI

OFA Hips- LR-231731G32F-VPI

OFA Elbows- LR-EL82286F32-VPI

EIC- Clear 

CNM- Clear

Link to Pedigree - "Roses"

HR Sexy Lexi Hot Corner Hussy

Lexi joins us as a partnership with the HOT CORNER and we could not be happier to have her on board. Lexi is very smart, an excellent marker and loves everything about the game. Her pedigree is full of accomplishments and her Looks says it all. Lexi completed her HR title this fall at the age of 2 going 4 straight and will be reaching for her finished title in 2020. Lexi will be spending this season on the ducks doing what she loves!

DOB - 07/20/2017

AKC # SS00697606

Chip# 9331000120157057

OFA Hips-  LR-242647G24F-VPI  GOOD

OFA Elbows- LR-EL91893F24-VPI  NORMAL

Ofa Eyes- LR-EYE 13810/5F-VPI

EIC - Clear Tested

CNM - Clear Tested

Link to pedigree - "LEXI"



Hot Corner's Throwin the Heat "Strike"

Strike Comes to us From the Hot Corner, Strike is a product of                  GRHRCH Crispin's This is it Finis MH MNH QAA and GRHRCH Web Footed's All Bailed out MH. Strike's pedigree is Filled with Hunt test accomplishments.going 3 gens back with GRHRCH dogs. Strike is very well balanced and is a stone at the line. Strike has a very muscular and traditional Build. He has an Endless desire for the game and one thing on his Mind...... BIRDS! We are expecting outstanding things form this young athlete. Strike Started his UKC campaign in the Fall of 2020. with 2 seasoned passes.

AKC# -SS06144501

UKC# -R280-973

Chip - Avid 601*771*592

Ofa Hips - LR-250270G27M-VPI GOOD

Ofa Elbows - LR-EL98877M27-VPI NORMAL

Ofa Eyes -

CNM = Clear Tested

EIC = Carrier Tested

Link to Pedigree "Strike"


SHR Writz DownTown Sugar Brown

Sugar is a proud product of Tiger/Pepper and is one of the very few Chocolate pups produced from this pairing. the quality and persivearance of these pups speaks for itself. health, Looks, demeaner and Drive!!! Hey, where have we heard that before? Sugar is through Basic and moving into the intermediat phase of our program. she will be campaigned in the 2019 season. meanwhaile we will put some birds under her belt this hunting season.

DOB- 09/11/2017

AKC- SS01484006

UKC- R281-970

Chip- 9331000120157055

Ofa hips- LR-243489E25F-VPI  Excellent

Ofa Elbows - LR-EL92673F25-VPI  Normal

Ofa eye- LR-EYE 13812/4F-VPI

EIC Clear Tested

CNM Clear Tested

Link to Pedigree - "Sugar"


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